Airport Concessions Consultants

Industry acknowledged leader in:
· Concession master plans
· Space planning & programming
· Financial & economic analysis
· Concessions security planning
· Design concepts & theme development
· Tenant outreach programs & workshops
· RFP and contract development

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Who we are:

SI Partners, Inc. was founded in 1999 to provide financial and retail consulting services to the aviation industry. The firm has extensive experience in the areas of concessions planning, financial feasibility analyses and project management. Through the years, SI Partners has developed airport financial and concessions programs aimed at not only optimizing revenue potential, but also satisfying all the established goals of the airport and local community. The firm’s approach to airport planning is entrepreneurial in nature. SI Partners understands that the prime function of the airport is to safely move passengers efficiently to and from airplanes. However, SI Partners’ also understands airports need to be fiscally responsible and that the passenger’s experience at an airport is of importance and greatly enhanced when the airport appeals to the passenger’s senses through creative and exciting retail opportunities.

Our Principles:

Sue Schooley

Sue Schooley is a founding Principal with SI Partners, Inc. and has more than 30 years of business experience in the area of airport retail and financial planning and analysis. Since 1985, Ms. Schooley has provided consulting services to large, medium and small hub airports throughout the United States, as well as a number of airports internationally. 

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O.B. Schooley

O.B.  Schooley as a former Airport Director, brings to the airport client the “owner’s perspective” , assisted in developing several successful airport concessions plans.  He is well versed in leasing and contracting issues and has experience in evaluating several management approaches. In addition, he is able to assess concessions infrastructure requirements and construction phasing plans. 

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